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  • John McKenna
    commented 2014-04-25 15:56:21 -0700
    Hi Tim, we are very interested in starting up with a new web site and need something that is effective and reliable. we run a modest but impactful nonprofit here in Los Angeles called A New Way of Life. We help formerly incarcerated women with community re-entry and family reunification services. Please help!
  • Max Kuecker
    commented 2014-04-14 08:06:16 -0700
    Hi, Tim, I tried to email you a few weeks ago about some fairly urgent web help. Jusleen Sodiwal from Nation Builder said she reached out to you & that you were available to help out. All the other leads with whom we spoke over the past 10 days have fallen through, so I’m circling back to the people from whom we never heard back.

    Our absolute deadline for the work is April 21 (as our org’s president’s book releases April 22), but we would ideally like the work done by the end of the week.

    Our needs are:

    - Adding a contact form that synchs to our Nation Builder database to our current website (built on Word Press), Adding a new donation page that syhcs with Nation Builder. Adding a conference registration page, synched with NB.

    - We also need some work done on our current Word Press site, to change the color scheme & reformat some of the pages. Since we’re down to the wire, if you don’t have time for this by April 21, but can build the other stuff, we’ll probably still want to hire you.

    Please give me a call (773) 316-6058 when you receive this, or email me at & let me know if you are available to help out.


    Max Kuecker
  • Victoria Zak
    commented 2014-01-29 06:41:26 -0800
    I need your EIN number for Ken Lanci for Mayor please thanks! Vickie

Tim Wayne - NationBuilder Consulting - Interaction Design

Here's what my clients say:

"Tim has been a great asset to the Educate Our State team not only developing a beautiful, easy to manage and highly functional website but also offering guidance on social media best practices and strategic planning for our future on-line presence. Tim's ability to quickly navigate issues, consider various solutions and support our team through a number of phases of growth has been remarkable. His get-it-down attitude and quick responses have made this piece of our communications platform easy to build and launch. We can't recommend Tim highly enough!"
Crystal Brown, President, Educate Our State

"Tim has the most amazing talent, he can nearly read your mind and then improve on your idea... He should be on the TV show Heroes, because if you give him copy and some direction he comes back with what you had in mind but even better."
Jim Ross, Jim Ross Consulting

"Tim built our website quickly and beautifully. It represented our business and our service to clients well. The professional image he created for us was an important part of our success."
David Schachter, Lead Analytics Engineer at Playdom

"Tim was a pleasure to work with; he provided valuable expertise in a timely manner for a fair price. What more can you ask for? I hope to have the occasion to work with him again soon."
Mir Haynes, CEO, Anabo Studios

"I love working with Tim Wayne!
Tim is creative yet practical, balancing his keen design sense with an appreciation for real-world business considerations. Tim takes instruction well, though he requires little.
Bottom line: Tim always produces first-rate designs that are appropriate to a website's message and market--and he's fun to work with, too!"

Lang Zerner, President, Studio32

"Tim is a great web designer who, when given the chance, can come up with some pretty amazing stuff. His eye for design and all things aesthetic never ceases to amaze me."
Tony Chang, Senior Engineer, ServePath

"Tim is a very thorough and detail-oriented designer. He is an asset to the integrity of our three brand's commercial websites."
Liz Dizon

"When I worked with Tim, I immediately recognized what an awesome person he was. He helped our group design all of ServePath's customer sites. What made Tim invaluable was that he understood the mission and business objectives clearly. Based on the these, he architected sites that were able to draw in a substantial amount of customers, with compelling content, easy navigation, rapid product fulfillment, and order processing. This allowed customers to quickly and efficiently complete the transaction of their service and begin operating immediately.

As a sales person, I worked closely with my customers and they always spoke highly of our web site and the customer extranet. Tim's knowledge of rich media technologies is unrivaled."

Alex Barajas, Sales Engineer at Neustar


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